Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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In the 90's we had forums and IRC. People who misdirected emails or sent you advertisements were scorned. It was a new place for conversation. And concerns for our kids safety lay mostly on strangers finding them. The Internet was young and for a split second there was a thought that we would all figure this thing out and that any cyberbullying going on, any cyberstalking, would be figured out and we would have a handle on this thing.

But it only got bigger and wilder. Kids that grew up knowing a life before the Internet went off to college and created even wilder ways to connect online. And then an entire generation started getting online. A generation that would never know a time before the Internet.

Our job in protecting our kids online has become almost even more challenging because they often know more than we do about these machines that connect us to the cloud.

But there is one constant. That is the parent. We have made our own mistakes and learned from them. We remember the guidance that our parents gave us.

Teaching us to:

  • Look both ways before we cross the street
  • Don't say anything if you can't say something nice
  • Say Please and Thank you
  • cover your mouth before you sneeze
These are age old lessons.

Today those same rules still apply. The only thing is that now we have to also apply them to the digital world.

The best way we, as parents, can stay on top of this is by talking with each other. 

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